Laundry Industry Turning to Automation

“Automation is seen in the production of cars and trucks, food and beverage processing, even in flying an airplane. The laundry industry has turned to automation as well. A main objective of laundry automation is to reduce labor costs by reducing the ‘number of physical touches’ that employees have with the linen, which results in […]

Report Shows Self-Service Laundry Industry Growing

The most recent quarterly report from ITR Economics indicates an accelerated growth phase for the self-service laundry industry. From Planet Laundry: “The ITR Quarterly Economic Report examines conditions of the general economy, as well as offering a specific analysis of the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the U.S. It provides an update as to […]

3 Improvements for Your Laundry Operations in 2017

As the year ends, it is a good time for laundry owners to assess the condition of their equipment, their space—whether it is a coin laundry or an on-premises laundry facility—and their overall operations. Make note of any changes to make in 2017, like these: Upgrade your commercial washing machines. Is dry time lagging, annoying […]

August 2016 Service School

Lakeside Laundry Equipment recently held a Service School at our commercial laundry equipment facility in Bedford, as we do periodically throughout the year. For this school, technicians from Maytag joined us and performed a total Maytag equipment tear-down, as well as demonstrated preventative maintenance tips and easy fixes. The event was a great learning opportunity for […]

Advice for Younger Generation of Laundry Managers

To successfully run a laundry facility, whether a coin laundry or a multi-housing laundry, takes a certain skill set. You must be committed to customer service and engagement, have a solid grasp on the ways in which the laundry industry is changing, and an understanding of every job within the laundry service industry. But what […]

3 Tips for Success with Coin Laundry

Whether you just opened your coin-operated laundry facility, or you’ve been in business for years, it can’t hurt to make note of these 3 tips for success: Be welcoming. Without customers, your laundromat would not stay in business. There are plenty of other coin laundry facilities that customers could go to in place of yours. […]

7 Reasons to Open a Coin Operated Laundry

If you are looking for an additional revenue stream that affords you some flexibility and a guaranteed income, a coin-operated laundry facility is a great option. We have compiled a quick list of the top 7 reasons to consider entering the commercial laundry business by opening a coin store. A laundry operation is inherently resistant […]

5 Ways to Keep Laundromat Customers Happy

One factor is key to the ongoing and long-term success of any coin-operated laundry or laundry facility–repeat business. You need customers to come back, again and again, to use your facility to fulfill their laundry needs, and you need them to spread a favorable word to their friends and family members. So how can you […]

Why Invest in Multi-Housing Laundry?

If you are the owner of a multi-housing or apartment complex, consider making a long-term investment in the property by installing an on-premise laundry facility. Multi-housing laundry facilities with commercial washers and dryers are ideal for apartments, as well as retirement homes, colleges, and military housing. There are many options available, from coin-operated to smart […]

Why Open a Coin-Operated Laundry?

Looking for the right business opportunity for you? One idea you may not have considered is becoming the owner of a coin vended laundry business. Coin operated laundry businesses are among the most successful ventures for entrepreneurs. There are several reasons you may consider opening a brand new coin operated laundromat or retooling an existing […]