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Top Laundry Customer Complaints

Posted on: May 25th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

A goal of any laundry facility owner is to keep customers happy. If you are not achieving this, how will you know? Some customers will complain, posting negative reviews on social media or review sites. Others will not complain—they just won’t come back. Before you lose customers, make sure your laundry facility is not guilty of any of the following:

Out of order equipment. Not only does it cost you money when machines are out of order, but it sends a poor message to customers. You are inconveniencing them with limited machines available for use. Also, leaving broken equipment labeled “out of order” also signals that you do not care about timely maintenance of your machines or your laundry in general. Make sure that any out of order equipment is addressed as soon as possible. This can be alleviated when you have a responsive, efficient laundry equipment service partner.

Uninviting atmosphere. This is fairly straightforward: Customers would rather spend time in a space that is bright and clean, rather than dark and dingy. Also, if customers are greeted with broken laundry carts, limited spaces for folding, or old, dated seating, they will immediately associate these negatives with their first impression of your laundry. Having the highest quality commercial laundry equipment is not enough to keep customers—make sure you are creating an inviting atmosphere.

Poor customer service. Does your laundry operate without a service attendant? If you have an attendant on duty, this person can address customer concerns, answer questions, and help you to keep the facility clean. Consider the benefits of hiring an attendant.

To learn more about how to address customers’ top complaints about your laundry, contact the experienced team at Lakeside Laundry Equipment.

Understanding the Customer’s Journey to Your Laundry’s Door

Posted on: May 9th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

“Anyone who’s ever walked into your laundry has a story behind how they got there—and you’d do well to listen to them whenever you get the chance,” says Dennis Diaz in the latest issue of Planet Laundry from the Coin Laundry Association.

He continues: “Try stopping some of the customers in your store, and ask them how they found you… These stories are important because they can be broken down into tangible, useful bits of information that open doors of opportunity for your laundry business. The key here is a simple but crucial one: If you understand the mindset and journey of the people who have found you, you can align yourself so that more people find you in the future.”

As a laundry owner, you are always trying to drive more traffic into your laundry. It is important to remember that, as you search and look for ways to attract new customers, you should pay attention to the customers who are already in your laundry and choosing your business.

How did these customers find you? Were they simply a drop-in? Did they ask a friend or family member? Had they tried a local competitor and been unhappy with the service?

Simply taking the time to speak to your customers regularly can shed a light on what you are doing right, and how you can do even better to draw more, similar customers.

Read Dennis Diaz’s full article for further insights here.

A Caution for Businesses Using Residential Laundry Equipment

Posted on: April 19th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

We’ve seen it happen to businesses time and time again:

A commercial business such as a salon or day spa will try to save money by purchasing residential laundry equipment at a big box store for their operations. Over time, because of the heavy load and use and significant wear and tear on the machines, the equipment inevitably breaks. Then, when the business goes back to the retailer for repairs, they find their equipment warranty has been voided because the residential equipment was put to commercial use.

Instead of saving money, the business finds itself needing to buy brand new washers and dryers—and losing the money spent on residential equipment.

Commercial operations like salons and day spas that require daily loads of laundry for towels demand commercial laundry equipment. You cannot expect residential washers and dryers to handle the load. In addition, commercial laundry equipment from brands like Maytag and Electrolux is built for your purposes—if used correctly, they will help you find cost savings through their efficiency and sustainable design.

Instead of trying to get away with using residential equipment in your salon or day spa, start off on the right foot with commercial laundry washing machines and dryers. Work with Lakeside Laundry Equipment to get the right equipment to meet your business needs.

Why Laundry Retooling Is Essential

Posted on: April 7th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

Brian Grell of the Coin Laundry Association recently discussed the importance of retooling to laundry growth:

“Have you ever heard of ‘Zombie Laundries’ or ‘Zombie Mats?’ I’ve used this term repeatedly to describe vended laundries with old and inefficient equipment, subpar facilities, cringe-worthy restrooms, poor signage and terrible (if any) customer service. These are just some of the issues laundry owners need to address when retooling to give customers the best possible experience.”

Grell stresses that while equipment retooling and leasehold renovations, like restroom makeovers, are essential, it’s also about “retooling marketing, customer service, the laundry customer experience and the way owners operate.”

You can read the full article here.

The team here at Lakeside Laundry Equipment is positioned to assist you with whatever laundry retooling endeavors you want to undertake. We can help you find the right commercial laundry equipment to update your facility or provide guidance in terms of laundry operations and customer service improvements. Let us know how we can best partner with you to improve your laundry. Contact our team to start the conversation.

Marketing Your Coin Laundry Across Generations

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

Every coin laundry business needs to consider its target audience when developing a marketing strategy. And, unlike other businesses, the clientele of a coin laundry truly spans generations. Some laundry owners forget that they must attract a wide range of customers to bring in the business needed to sustain their operations.

The Coin Laundry Association breaks down the five generations living in the United States today as:

  • Mature Silents – born 1947-1945
  • Baby Boomers – born 1946 – 1964
  • Generation X – Born 1965 – 1980
  • Generation Y/Millennials – Born 1981-2000
  • Generation Z/Boomlets: Born after 2000

To develop as many income streams as possible for your laundry business, it’s necessary that you treat each of these generations as separate and distinct market segments. This means that your marketing—including your advertising, of course—must reach out to each segment in the proper manner.

Not doing so is a significant mistake and will ultimately limit your customer base, as well as the strength, growth and future of your vended coin laundry business.

If you have questions about how to grow and sustain your coin laundry business for the future, contact the team at Lakeside Laundry Equipment. We are happy to offer our expertise and guidance.

Improve Your Hotel Laundry

Posted on: March 7th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

Are you looking for ways to improve your hotel laundry? Whether you own a small boutique inn or manage a large hotel, there is always room for improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and costs. Lakeside Laundry is experienced in hotel laundry management and can work closely with you to realize improvements like the following:

  • Reduce dryer gas consumption.

By upgrading your hotel laundry equipment to energy-saving commercial washers and dryers, you can greatly reduce energy usage. Drying time is significantly cut down—leading to significant savings in gas consumption.

  • Improve productivity.

Did we mention shortened drying time? This not only means cost savings, but it also contributes to greater productivity.

  • Reduce water usage.

When a hotel can cut water costs, they also cut water-heating costs. According to Business Energy Advisor, water heating makes up nearly 52% of natural gas usage, per U.S. Energy Information Administration data.

Talk to a team member today about commercial laundry equipment for your hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast. We are here to help you realize the above improvements firsthand!

Laundry Industry Turning to Automation

Posted on: February 20th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

“Automation is seen in the production of cars and trucks, food and beverage processing, even in flying an airplane. The laundry industry has turned to automation as well. A main objective of laundry automation is to reduce labor costs by reducing the ‘number of physical touches’ that employees have with the linen, which results in increasing PPOH (pounds per operator hour).”

American Laundry News recently published a two-part series of articles detailing the rise of automation in the laundry industry. One of the first, and most important, steps? Choosing commercial laundry equipment.

“If a laundry decides that automation would benefit its operations, then it needs to take the next step: purchase the right equipment.”

That’s where Lakeside Laundry can help.

Read the full article here.

Report Shows Self-Service Laundry Industry Growing

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

The most recent quarterly report from ITR Economics indicates an accelerated growth phase for the self-service laundry industry.

From Planet Laundry:

“The ITR Quarterly Economic Report examines conditions of the general economy, as well as offering a specific analysis of the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the U.S. It provides an update as to where the self-service laundry industry is within the current business cycle and how that relates to the overall U.S. economy. What’s more, the report includes management objectives specific to the self-service laundry industry.”

Some of the key data highlights and forecasting included:

  • There is a significant growth in multi-unit housing starts, expected to accelerate in 2017, which will then lead to higher demand for multi-housing laundry facilities.
  • Consumer expectations have decreased, indicating lower confidence in the economy, but still with a willingness to spend.
  • Personal consumption expenditures have risen 3.4 percent, which suggests that consumers have money to spend and will continue to support laundry vendors.

Read the full summary of the report on Planet Laundry.

3 Improvements for Your Laundry Operations in 2017

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 by lakeside-admin No Comments

As the year ends, it is a good time for laundry owners to assess the condition of their equipment, their space—whether it is a coin laundry or an on-premises laundry facility—and their overall operations. Make note of any changes to make in 2017, like these:

Upgrade your commercial washing machines.

Is dry time lagging, annoying your customers or residents and causing your energy bills to rise? Are you employees spending a lot of time on training due to clunky, outdated equipment? Good news for you, there are a number of new, highly efficient washers that will increase the efficiency of your business. Washers feature fast spin speeds that reduce dry time—and lower your utility costs and energy consumption. Be sure to look for deals for trading in your old commercial laundry equipment.

Give your laundry a facelift.

Have the walls become dull and dingy? Are the floors scuffed? Is décor dated? Refresh your space for 2017. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, thoroughly clean and wax the floors, and add some fresh, current décor. Remember that no matter what type of laundry you are operating, whether it is a coin laundry location or a laundry room within an apartment complex, your customers and residents simply want a space that is clean and inviting.

Consider smart-card or credit-card operated laundry machines.

Do you own a multi-housing laundry facility that is coin-operated? Making the switch to newer technology makes it easier on you and your residents. Rather than having to get coins from the bank, users can simply use a smart card or credit card, making the transaction more convenient.

How can Lakeside Laundry Equipment help you make positive changes to your laundry operations in 2017? Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need guidance or are ready to order new commercial laundry equipment from top brands like Maytag, Whirlpool, or Electrolux.

August 2016 Service School

Posted on: August 30th, 2016 by Dennis Connelly No Comments

Lakeside Service SchoolLakeside Laundry Equipment recently held a Service School at our commercial laundry equipment facility in Bedford, as we do periodically throughout the year.

For this school, technicians from Maytag joined us and performed a total Maytag equipment tear-down, as well as demonstrated preventative maintenance tips and easy fixes. The event was a great learning opportunity for commercial laundry owners and managers.

Stay tuned for updates about future Service Schools and plan to join us! Contact us with any questions about the event.