Lakeside Laundry is changing the business of commercial laundry equipment. 
Here are some sample results:

"My first 90 day gross income is 38% greater than it was before I switched to your company and the net income to me is 119% greater! A happy and satisfied customer" – Emerick Manor Apartments

"You guys have been amazing for all of our properties. Looking forward to continuing our growth." Kati Brunner - Denizen Management

“Thank you so much. I would like to add that your service has always been terrific. I can’t recall anytime that I’ve had to wait very long to have a problem fixed. In this day and age it’s nice to have a company that still believes in customer service.” Crystal Moore

“Anytime, you know you are my laundry man” Jim D. – Dixon Property Management

“The Maytag coin laundry store is saving us $500 a month.”

“After installing 55 high-efficiency washers, energy costs were reduced 40 to 50 percent.”

“Maytag high-efficiency washers helped control higher costs associated with a new waste and water treatment plant in the city. The Maytag front-load washers proved to be a big part of the answer.”

“50 percent reduction in utility expense after replacing 24 top-load machines with Maytag high-efficiency washers.”

“They have larger capacity, use less water and I believe they get the clothes cleaner.”

“I purchased front-load high-efficiency machines. The customers are overwhelmed about how quiet they are and how much cleaner their clothes are. They also spin so dry.”

Recommendation letter from F&M Laundry Services, LLC (click here).

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