Coin Laundry

girllaundry_rowwashersAre you a new coin laundry investor?

Lakeside Laundry Equipment will help you through every step of the design, construction, and operation of your coin laundry. Whether you are opening a brand new coin laundromat, or purchasing an existing store and retooling, our professional team provides a thorough demographic study, an analysis of sales and profit potential, a competition evaluation, and, if relevant, site selections.

Once you decide to proceed, we provide a comprehensive site drawing that meets technical specifications, customer ergonomics, and incorporates your design suggestions. During the construction of your coin laundry, we will help with contractor supervision, professional commercial laundry equipment installation, and ancillary accessory placement. Our help doesn’t stop once you open the doors—we provide ongoing management and employee training, marketing ideas, service support and free annual education seminars and service schools.

There are many benefits to opening a brand new coin laundry, including:

  • Strong return on investment with attractive financing
  • No inventory or receivables, meaning no franchise fees
  • Minimal upfront capital investment – meaning less risk and virtually recession proof!
  • Solid steady income and growth potential without seasonal fluctuation

Do you own an existing coin laundromat?

We also offer a variety of services for existing coin laundry owners. Replace your commercial laundry equipment, update the look of your laundromat, or introduce new technology—it all adds up to more profits! If you are curious about the advantages of working with Lakeside Laundry Equipment to enhance your existing coin laundry, consider these advantages:

  • Reduce your utility expense and improve your bottom line with cost effective alternatives.
  • Increase your income—new machines generate more income and higher vend prices.
  • Attract new customers and retain your current clientele with an equipment face lift.
  • Discover new marketing ideas and flexible payment possibilities with machine innovation.
  • Protect your investment by reinvesting in it.

Whether you are an existing coin laundromat owner or are preparing to open a brand new coin laundry, please contact Lakeside Laundry Equipment. We are committed to helping our customers succeed in the coin laundry business.

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