Card-Operated Washers and Dryers

Row of Washing Machines in a Public LaundromatDo you own a multi-housing laundry facility or laundromat that is coin-operated? Making the switch to newer technology makes it easier for you and your customers. Rather than getting coins from the bank, users can simply use a smart card or credit card, making the transaction more convenient.

Smart card-operated and credit card-operated laundry machines have changed both multi-housing laundry facilities and laundromats, which have been traditionally coin-operated. Modern technological advancements provide an easier, more profitable solution for laundromat owners and multi-housing property owners and apartment managers to:

  • Maximize income
  • Attract new customers/residents
  • Improve the laundry experience

A Wide Selection of Card-Operated Washers and Dryers

Lakeside Laundry Equipment is a proud supplier of industry-leading card-operated washers and dryers throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. Our smart card laundry payment systems eliminate the hassle of residents and customers having to dig for loose change.

We install an ESD Value Transfer Machine (VTM) in a central, highly visible, secure location. Each laundromat and multi-housing unit gets a reusable smart laundry card to which they can add value at any time. The resident or customer no longer needs to save up quarters, make a special trip to get quarters, or make sure they have correct change before they can do laundry. The VTM has full, 100 percent accountability—accurate and verifiable at any time.

There are a few VTM options that we use:

  • Basic Value Adder (BVA): The BVA is the simplest VTM. This straightforward VTM adds value to a smart card with cash.
  • Value Adder Plus (VAP): The VAP is the next step up from the BVA and adds value to smart cards with inserted cash. It also dispenses smart cards, which can be purchased for cash.
  • Slim: This small, lightweight design is the perfect add-on to an existing location looking to start accepting credit cards.

Whether you’re looking for top load, front load, or stackable options, we have a variety of machines to fit your needs. If you’re not sure which card-operated washers and dryers are best suited for your laundromat or multi-housing laundry room, contact a specialist.

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