Key Considerations for Purchasing Commercial Laundry Equipment


In the fast-paced world of operations, a reliable laundry solution is a silent workhorse. For businesses like apartment complexes, hotels, gyms, or healthcare facilities, in-house laundry equipment is crucial for maintaining efficiency. However, navigating the process of acquiring the right machines can feel overwhelming. We're here to help! We'll equip you with the key […]

Lease Laundry Machines and Skip the Spin Cycle: The Smart Solution for Apartment Owners


As an apartment owner, you understand the importance of offering amenities that attract and retain tenants. In-unit laundry is a top priority for many renters, but the upfront cost of purchasing and maintaining laundry machines can be a burden. This is where leasing laundry machines becomes a smart solution.

The Future of Laundry Payments

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Embracing Innovation in Laundry Payments In today's dynamic laundry landscape, innovation is key for staying ahead. One area witnessing a remarkable shift is payment technology. The integration of credit card payment systems directly into laundry machines is revolutionizing the industry, providing a seamless experience for customers and optimizing operations for providers like […]

Common On-Site Laundry Machine Part Failures and How To Repair Them

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Operating a laundromat or managing an on-site laundry facility for residential properties involves understanding the common issues that can occur with laundry machines. Recognizing these issues and knowing how to address them promptly can help maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Below are the most common laundry machine part failures and how to repair […]

The Types of Residential & Commercial Laundry Ironing Systems Explained


After washing and drying, ironing is the final step in laundry care to ensure a crisp, professional finish. Whether you're running a commercial laundromat or managing an on-site residential laundry facility, having the right ironing system is vital. This blog post will explore the different types of ironing systems for commercial and residential laundry.

5 Advantages of Card-Operated Washers & Dryers

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In today's fast-paced commercial world, efficiency is the key to success. When it comes to laundry operations, traditional coin-operated washers and dryers can be inefficient and time-consuming. However, Lakeside Laundry, a leading commercial laundry supplier, has introduced card-operated washers and dryers that are revolutionizing the industry. In this blog, we will explore […]

9 Areas To Invest in When Opening a Laundromat

If you're considering opening a laundromat, it's essential to plan your investments wisely to ensure profitability and business longevity. While it's true that each laundromat's individual needs may vary, there are a few core areas where you should consider investing your money.

Charitable Laundry Service Supports Ronald McDonald House in Detroit

When A.L.L. Laundry Service was asked how much it would cost to install five sets of washers and dryers at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Detroit, owner Howard Shear’s immediate response was, “This is a charity. This isn’t for us to make money on.”

When to Consider Buying New Laundry Equipment for an Apartment Building

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If you’re the owner of an apartment building or multi-housing facility, you know how important it is to have your commercial laundry equipment in working order. Unfortunately, repairs are necessary from time to time, and it can be difficult to determine if you should repair your equipment or replace it altogether. In this blog, we’re discussing when to consider buying new […]

4 Reasons to Put Vended Laundry in Your Apartment Building

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If you're a landlord or apartment owner, you might be wondering whether or not to have an on-site laundry room in your building. The answer: absolutely! Here are four reasons why installing vended laundry equipment is a smart move for any apartment building owner.