Maytag® Commercial
Laundry Equipment

MaytagLakeside Laundry Equipment is a proud supplier of industry-leading Maytag® Commercial Laundry equipment. Over more than 100 years, the Maytag® brand has achieved a reputation for dependability. We find their commercial laundry equipment to be extremely reliable, built strong to withstand the high-volume usage that occurs in coin, multi-housing, on-premises and industrial laundry environments. In addition, Maytag® commercial laundry products are engineered for energy efficiency, meaning your machines operate at the highest performance and save on energy costs.

If you are interested in supplying your new or existing laundry with the latest products available from Maytag®, contact a representative from Lakeside Laundry Equipment. We will work with you to identify the best machines and equipment for your facility.


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