PayRange Laundry

A Leading Laundry Payment App

Close-up of Smartphone Showing Payment Success in Laundry RoomFor a long time, coin-operated laundry machines were just that—strictly coin-operated. When credit cards became a popular payment option, some laundromat and building owners converted. However, laundry owners are now making the shift to laundry payment apps.

Mobile payments bring in the right type of customer, among other benefits. Smartphones have become a vital part of daily American life, and that extends to how people are spending money.

A study by the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System found that in 2011, only 12 percent of Americans were using mobile payments. By 2014, that number grew to 22 percent. As technology expands, mobile payments are expected to continue to rise in popularity.

At Lakeside Laundry Equipment, we use PayRange. The PayRange laundry app, a leading payment network for coin-operated machines, works in conjunction with card or coin depending on the type of machine and makes paying for laundry easier than ever. All it takes is a BluKey in your machine and a “PayRange Accepted Here” sticker to delight your customers and lift sales.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Install BluKey, affix decal, and promote at locations
  • Step 2: Download free PayRange laundry app, preload funds, and make purchases
  • Step 3: View sales, run reports, and create promotions remotely

The PayRange laundry app communicates with the machine via Bluetooth.

What Are the Benefits of the PayRange Laundry App?

With the PayRange laundry payment app, not only can you receive payments as a direct deposit to your bank account, but you can also:

  • Improve accountability and visibility of your business via the Collections feature
  • Reward your best consumers with discounts and instant rebates
  • Instantly access sales reports from a computer or mobile phone

Whether you’re an existing laundromat owner, preparing to invest in a laundromat, or a building owner and need a laundry solution that’s simple, fast, secure, and rewarding, please contact us today. We can walk you through our wide range of equipment and answer any questions you may have about laundry payment apps.

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