Laundry Center Encouraging Kids to Pick Up a Book

On average, kids spend 2-3 hours per week inside laundromats.

5 Ways Salon Laundry Equipment Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The salon and spa business is challenging, with demanding customers expecting the highest standards from every element of their visit. Taking control of salon and spa laundry needs is one way to meet those high standards while saving time and money.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting a Laundromat Business

If you’re looking for a reliable business investment that’s easy to start, flexible and cash-generating, opening a laundromat might be for you. Laundromats have minted successful entrepreneurs for generations, and Lakeside Laundry Equipment will help you through every step of the design, construction and operation of your laundry business. Here are five reasons why you should […]

Podcast Shares the Story of Our Success

We’re proud that our grassroots growth and entrepreneurial drive captured the attention of the Wild Business Growth podcast.

Coin-Operated Laundry Services for Apartments & Multi-Housing Facilities

Are you a property owner looking to add revenue to your apartments and multi-housing facilities? Make your rental properties more profitable with coin-operated commercial laundry machines.

High-Quality Commercial Washers & Dryers You Can Trust

Whether you’re a coin-operated laundry owner in Western Pennsylvania or a property manager in Northeast Ohio looking to upgrade your multi-housing complex with new commercial washers and dryers, Lakeside Laundry Equipment has what you need to ensure continued success.

Top Laundry Customer Complaints

A goal of any laundry facility owner is to keep customers happy. If you are not achieving this, how will you know? Some customers will complain, posting negative reviews on social media or review sites. Others will not complain—they just won’t come back. Before you lose customers, make sure your laundry facility is not guilty of any of the following:

Understanding the Customer’s Journey to Your Laundry’s Door

“Anyone who’s ever walked into your laundry has a story behind how they got there—and you’d do well to listen to them whenever you get the chance,” says Dennis Diaz in the latest issue of Planet Laundry from the Coin Laundry Association.

A Caution for Businesses Using Residential Laundry Equipment

We’ve seen it happen to businesses time and time again:

Why Laundry Retooling Is Essential

Brian Grell of the Coin Laundry Association recently discussed the importance of retooling to laundry growth:

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