3 Tips for Success with Coin Laundry

Whether you just opened your coin-operated laundry facility, or you’ve been in business for years, it can’t hurt to make note of these 3 tips for success:

Be welcoming. Without customers, your laundromat would not stay in business. There are plenty of other coin laundry facilities that customers could go to in place of yours. Strong customer service will help you retain your customers. Treat all of your customers in a friendly and courteous manner. Remember that if just one customer has a negative experience, they may decide not to return—and they will likely share their negative experience with their friends and family members.

Keep it clean. In any laundry facility, cleanliness is everything. When your facility is kept clean, neat, and tidy, you are showing customers that you take pride in your ownership of the store. Whether or not your store is unattended, ensure that cleaning restrooms, wiping machines and the floor, keeping the front walkway clear of trash, and so on, are a priority every single day. We guarantee you that cleanliness will keep customers coming back.

Ensure the best equipment. The worst thing a customer can see when he or she enters a laundromat is an “Out of Order” sign. Always promptly repair any problems, whether it’s an issue with the spin cycle or a machine only runs on cold water. Your customers deserve equipment that is serviced and maintained, and running safely and properly. Work with a commercial laundry equipment provider like Lakeside Laundry to ensure you have the most up-to-date equipment in your coin laundry.

Just these three things—positive customer service, cleanliness, and top equipment—will go a long way toward helping you realize success with your coin-operated laundry facility. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the team at Lakeside Laundry Equipment for assistance and guidance in running your store.

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