5 Ways to Keep Laundromat Customers Happy

One factor is key to the ongoing and long-term success of any coin-operated laundry or laundry facility--repeat business. You need customers to come back, again and again, to use your facility to fulfill their laundry needs, and you need them to spread a favorable word to their friends and family members. So how can you keep customers coming back? Make a strong first impression—then a strong second impression, and so on, each and every time a customer steps into your laundry facility.

Invest in the appearance of your Laundromat. For a customer to enjoy his or her time in your store, you must invest some time and money into its décor. Perhaps you might even work with an interior designer who has experience designing a laundry space. Consider how paint, lighting, comfortable seating, and so on can make a difference in creating a unique look for your Laundromat.

Maintain a clean, well-kept restroom. This is so important for any business, and certainly for a Laundromat. Chances are high that customers will require use of your restroom during their time at your store. The quality and cleanliness of your restroom can make or break a first-time experience for a customer. Make sure they are not turned away from your store simply because you didn’t take the time to maintain a well-kept restroom facility.

Offer the most advanced equipment on the market. When your customers choose your Laundromat, make sure they know they are choosing the highest-quality commercial laundry equipment available. Everyone loves knowing they are benefiting from the latest and greatest technology, and washers and dryers are no exception.

Provide a kid-friendly element to your store. This might be a small space stocked with toys or games, or the addition of a small prize box. Stock a selection of inexpensive toys that will keep kids occupied while their family member or guardian is waiting for the laundry cycle to complete.

Be friendly to your customers. This seems obvious, but is worth mentioning. Take the time to greet and welcome your customers, offer assistance with transporting laundry to and from their vehicles as you are able. These little details are meaningful for a customer in deciding whether to return to your store. Don’t underestimate the power in strong customer service.

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