Electrolux, Your Daddy’s Wascomat, only better!!!

Do you love your current WASCOMAT Commercial Laundry equipment?  If you are interested in additional Energy and Labor savings benefits, than you will love The ELECTROLUX Professional Line 5000.

ELECTROLUX Laundry equipment is made on the exact same manufacturing line as the WASCOMAT washers and dryers.  The same quality and dedication to detail goes into every ELECTROLUX washer and dryer, that expected from WASCOMAT year after year.  Are you aware that WASCOMAT commercial Laundry equipment has always been manufactured by ELECTROLUX.  When ELECTROLUX made the decision to enter the residential appliance market in the United States, they also introduced their line of commercial laundry equipment.

ELECTROLUX Laundry equipment provides additional energy saving features and benefits, which will reduce your energy, utility, and labor costs, all helping your bottom line.

Please see the hyperlink below and check out the new ELECTROLUX Professional 5000

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