Fagor Commercial Flatwork Ironers

Lakeside Laundry Equipment is a proud supplier of Fagor commercial laundry equipment. We sell, service, lease, and rent Fagor commercial flatwork ironers to many multi-housing facilities, especially hotels and banquet halls, that depend on ironing and folding machines to provide high-quality services to residents and visitors.

Our team is here to help you select the best Fagor ironing machines to help you succeed in the ongoing operation of your business or facility.

Fagor Commercial Flatwork Ironer (200-325 Range)

Fagor 200 325The 200 and 325 range of commercial flatwork ironers is perfect for small- and medium-sized laundries that require optimum quality ironing with the lowest possible operation and maintenance costs.

Depending on the model, their ironing capacity (between 10 and 120 kg/hour) and variety of heating options (electric, gas, and steam) enables them to be adapted to different needs.


  • Safety protector for hands
  • Front insertion and reception of linen
  • Variable-frequency drive to control ironing speed
  • Electronic microprocessor (speed and temperature control, auto power-off function)
  • Insertion and ironing belts in Nomex for easy operation, high-quality ironing, and great durability


Flatwork Ironers 200 and 325

Fagor Commercial Flatwork Ironer (500 and 650 Range)

Fagor 500 600The 500 and 650 range of commercial flatwork ironers is ideal for medium-sized laundries and designed to offer the complete flatwork finishing process in the smallest space, from drying/ironing to lengthwise folding with rear or front exit.

These Fagor ironing machines are capable of providing a high capacity (from 50 to 120 kg/hour, depending on the model) drying, ironing, and folding line in a small space.


  • Powerful exhaust extraction system
  • Front insertion and reception of linen
  • Electrically heated, gas, and steam versions
  • Variable-frequency drive to control ironing speed
  • Touch Plus (TP2) control processor with 7” touchscreen


Flatwork Ironers 500 and 650

Commercial Flatwork Ironers (MP Series)

The MP Series range of commercial flatwork ironers from 8”, 14”, and 20” is the perfect option for those small- and medium-sized laundries which need an optimum ironing quality with minimum operation and maintenance cost.

The ironing output (between 10 and 40 kg/hour, depending on the model) and their heating types (electric, gas, and steam) makes them flexible to adapt to different customer needs.


  • Quality and long-lasting belts
  • Panels in stainless steel and painted steel
  • Frequency inverter for ironing speed control
  • Seven speeds controlled by AC frequency control: 1 - 6.5 m/min
  • Nomex feeding and ironing belts for easy operation, top ironing


Flatwork Ironers MP Series

Durable Machines for Your Ironing and Drying Needs

Fagor ironing machines are designed to enhance and speed up the drying and ironing process, and their simple operation makes maintenance costs practically non-existent. If you’re interested in learning more about our Fagor commercial flatwork ironers, contact us today.

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