Starting a Laundromat Business

Thinking of starting a laundromat business? Lakeside Laundry Equipment will help you through every step of the way, from design to construction to operation.

Whether you’re opening a brand new coin-operated laundromat or purchasing an existing store and retooling, partnering with a proven provider will give you a fast head start and ongoing support that you can trust.

Our professional team provides:

  • Maintenance assistance
  • Marketing tips
  • Professional demographic and competitive studies
  • Analysis of sales and profitability
  • A comprehensive site drawing that meets technical specifications, customer ergonomics, and incorporates your design suggestion
  • Training for laundromat staff

Laundromat before and afterIs a Laundromat a Good Business?

Starting a laundromat business is a reliable, lucrative investment opportunity. Laundromats are easy to start, flexible, and cash-generating, and opening one might be right for you. There are many benefits to starting a laundromat business, including:

  • Strong return on investment with attractive financing
  • No inventory or receivables, meaning no franchise fees
  • Minimal upfront capital investment, meaning less risk and virtually recession-proof
  • Solid, steady income and growth potential without seasonal fluctuation

Contact Us for Your Laundromat Needs

At Lakeside Laundry Equipment, we provide more than just commercial laundry equipment from the brands that you know and trust. We’re laundry experts. We offer our clients more than 70 years of laundry experience and are committed to providing superior products and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

If you’re starting a laundromat business or interested in learning how to start a laundromat business, our team is here to help you succeed. Contact us today to get started.

Free Download: Your Guide To Starting and Operating a Successful Laundry Business

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