Lakeside Laundry Equipment, since 1991

We are a locally owned and operated company with over 70 years of combined commercial laundry experience, placing thousands of commercial washers and dryers in a variety of high usage applications. Our reputation, commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction and superior products have made us the recognized regional leader in our industry.

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Coin Vended Laundry

Whether you are a new investor considering to build a new self-serve coin/card vended laundry or purchasing an existing laundry you need to call us.

If you’re a veteran laundry owner thinking about renovating, expanding, or re-tooling your business, or just looking to lower your utility costs by replacing a few machines, we can help you select the most cost effective solution to optimize your total cost of operation, revenues and bottom line.

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On-Premises Laundry

  • When considering commercial laundry equipment for your on premise facility remember the 4 F’s: Fit, Flow, Function and Follow up.
  • Fit- The proper sized equipment, correctly balanced between the washers and the dryers will save you money on time and labor.
  • Flow- Washers with higher spin speeds increase water removal and reduce dry times. Auto dryness settings on dryers will protect you linens, extend their lifespan and increase your employees’ work efficiency.
  • Function- The equipment must provide programming flexibility to ensure a superior wash result while remaining easy to operate and maintain. Self-diagnosis will reduce down time and service expense.
  • Follow up- Total laundry management – We help the on premise laundry operator gain better command over the finished quality of their linen, which will ensure longer linen lifespan, reduce labor expense, and energy savings.
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Apartment/Multi Housing Laundry

Self Ownership or use a route operator? The answer is yes in either cases. After an analysis of your individual situation the decision will be an easy one. Do you currently rely on your employee or a vendor route collector to handle your collection? How accountable are they? Is your staff or your route vendor available to respond to the service calls and are they a reliable and timely repair source. Is your equipment old, inefficient and require frequent repair attention. We can breakdown all of the options.

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