A Caution for Businesses Using Residential Laundry Equipment

We’ve seen it happen to businesses time and time again:

A commercial business such as a salon or day spa will try to save money by purchasing residential laundry equipment at a big box store for their operations. Over time, because of the heavy load and use and significant wear and tear on the machines, the equipment inevitably breaks. Then, when the business goes back to the retailer for repairs, they find their equipment warranty has been voided because the residential equipment was put to commercial use.

Instead of saving money, the business finds itself needing to buy brand new washers and dryers—and losing the money spent on residential equipment.

Commercial operations like salons and day spas that require daily loads of laundry for towels demand commercial laundry equipment. You cannot expect residential washers and dryers to handle the load. In addition, commercial laundry equipment from brands like Maytag and Electrolux is built for your purposes—if used correctly, they will help you find cost savings through their efficiency and sustainable design.

Instead of trying to get away with using residential equipment in your salon or day spa, start off on the right foot with commercial laundry washing machines and dryers. Work with Lakeside Laundry Equipment to get the right equipment to meet your business needs.

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