Advice for Younger Generation of Laundry Managers

To successfully run a laundry facility, whether a coin laundry or a multi-housing laundry, takes a certain skill set. You must be committed to customer service and engagement, have a solid grasp on the ways in which the laundry industry is changing, and an understanding of every job within the laundry service industry. But what skills will be most important for the next generation of laundry managers?

American Laundry News columnist Eric Frederick recently published a list of skills that laundry operators need to succeed. His list was based on conversations with experienced laundry veterans about the next generation:

“Back in 1972 when I first started working in the laundry industry, I had a number of long talks with two seasoned veterans: Henry Palmer and Bill Hendricks. They painted a wonderful picture of the industry and the opportunities that were coming available over the next five years. They did such a good job that I decided to take my bachelor of science degree and make management in the industry my chosen career. Now, many years later, I thought I would give some advice to the younger generation about the skills they will need to succeed.”

The article is a good resource, but remember that if you need advice for running your laundry facility or coin store, Lakeside Laundry Equipment is available as a resource as well. Our laundry experts can answer your questions or provide guidance as needed. Contact our team today!

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