Coin-Operated Laundry Services for Apartments & Multi-Housing Facilities

Are you a property owner looking to add revenue to your apartments and multi-housing facilities? Make your rental properties more profitable with coin-operated commercial laundry machines.

Whether you’re adding a new laundry room, upgrading your existing equipment, or searching for a new laundry service provider, Lakeside Laundry Equipment will help you select the right washers and dryers to meet the specific needs of your property—and the needs of your residents.

With over 70 years of combined commercial laundry equipment experience, we have placed thousands of commercial washers and dryers in a variety of high-usage applications in multi-housing laundry locations across Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania.

We offer coin-operated laundry services for apartments and multi-housing facilities, as well as washers and dryers that are smart card- and credit card-operated.

Smart card- and credit card-operated laundry machines have changed the multi-housing laundry equipment industry, which has traditionally been coin-operated. Modern technology provides an easier, more profitable solution for multi-housing property owners and apartment managers to:

  • Maximize income
  • Attract new residents
  • Improve current residents’ laundry experience

The innovation of smart card-operated commercial laundry machines has allowed for new marketing ideas, flexible payment possibilities, and income transparency.

We continue to offer coin-operated machines configured in top load, front load, and coin-op dryers in single load or stacked. All the commercial laundry machines we provide are proven performers, dependable, and energy efficient. We supply high-quality commercial washers and dryers from the brands that you know and trust, including ESD®, Maytag®, and Whirlpool®. In addition to cash to card systems, we also provide card to card revalue stations, immediate credit transfer, and internet transfer equipment.

Each apartment gets a reusable smart card to which value can be added at any time. With a smart card, the resident no longer needs to save quarters, make a special trip to buy quarters, or make sure they have correct change before doing laundry. The ESD Value Transfer Machine (VTM) has full, 100% accountability—accurate and verifiable at any time.

Interested in learning more about our coin-operated laundry services for apartments and multi-housing facilities? Contact us today and help your residents feel right at home with high-quality, energy-efficient washers and dryers.

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