Common On-Site Laundry Machine Part Failures and How To Repair Them

Technician repairing laundry equipment on-site commercial facilityOperating a laundromat or managing an on-site laundry facility for residential properties involves understanding the common issues that can occur with laundry machines. Recognizing these issues and knowing how to address them promptly can help maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Below are the most common laundry machine part failures and how to repair them.

6 Common Commercial Laundry Machine Part Failures

1. Drainage System Issues

A common issue with washing machines is drainage problems. This can often be attributed to a faulty drain pump or a clog in the drain hose. Regular inspection and cleaning of the drainage system can help prevent these issues.

2. Heating Element Failure

In dryers, a common failure is the heating element. If clothes aren't drying efficiently, the heating element might be the issue. Regular maintenance checks by a professional can help identify and replace a faulty heating element.

3. Door Switch Malfunctions

Another common problem in both washers and dryers is a malfunctioning door switch, which can prevent the machine from starting or cause it to stop mid-cycle. Door switches should be checked regularly and replaced if needed.

4. Motor Problems

Both washing machines and dryers rely on motors to operate. If a machine is not spinning or tumbling, the motor could be at fault. Preventative maintenance can help identify motor issues before they cause a machine breakdown.

5. Control Board Issues

The control board is like the brain of the machine, controlling all its functions. If the control board fails, it can cause various issues with the machine's operation. Regular inspection by a professional can help identify and address control board issues.

6. Belt Wear and Tear

Over time, the belts in washers and dryers can wear out, causing the machine to malfunction. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn belts can prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Trust the Laundry Equipment Experts

While preventative maintenance can significantly reduce the chances of machine failures, issues can still occur. If you experience a machine breakdown, the most important step is to call a professional. Trying to repair commercial laundry machines without the proper knowledge can lead to more damage and potential safety risks.

As your trusted partner in the laundry business, we offer expert maintenance and repair services to keep your machines running efficiently. Our team is trained to handle all common laundry machine part failures, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of any issues.

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In the next blog post, we'll explore what you need to consider to make your on-site laundry greener. Stay tuned! 

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