Improve Your Hotel Laundry

Are you looking for ways to improve your hotel laundry? Whether you own a small boutique inn or manage a large hotel, there is always room for improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and costs. Lakeside Laundry is experienced in hotel laundry management and can work closely with you to realize improvements like the following:

  • Reduce dryer gas consumption.

By upgrading your hotel laundry equipment to energy-saving commercial washers and dryers, you can greatly reduce energy usage. Drying time is significantly cut down—leading to significant savings in gas consumption.

  • Improve productivity.

Did we mention shortened drying time? This not only means cost savings, but it also contributes to greater productivity.

  • Reduce water usage.

When a hotel can cut water costs, they also cut water-heating costs. According to Business Energy Advisor, water heating makes up nearly 52% of natural gas usage, per U.S. Energy Information Administration data.

Talk to a team member today about commercial laundry equipment for your hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast. We are here to help you realize the above improvements firsthand!

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