Lease Laundry Machines and Skip the Spin Cycle: The Smart Solution for Apartment Owners

As an apartment owner, you understand the importance of offering amenities that attract and retain tenants. In-unit laundry is a top priority for many renters, but the upfront cost of purchasing and maintaining laundry machines can be a burden. This is where leasing laundry machines becomes a smart solution.

The Problem

  • High upfront cost to purchase commercial-grade laundry machines.
  • Uncertainty about long-term ownership and potential repair expenses.
  • Dealing with maintenance issues and coordinating repairs can be time-consuming.

The Answer:

Leasing laundry machines from a trusted provider like Lakeside Laundry offers a range of benefits that streamline your operations and boost your bottom line:

  • Unlock Capital: Avoid the hefty upfront cost of buying new machines. This frees up capital to invest in property improvements or other business ventures.
  • Predictable Budgeting: Lease agreements offer a regular predictable payment that covers the cost of the machines and often includes maintenance. This simplifies budgeting and eliminates surprise repair bills.
  • Reduced Hassle: Lakeside Laundry handles everything from installation and ongoing maintenance to repairs and replacements. Tenants call us directly, which removes owners from the process. You won't have to worry about scheduling technicians or dealing with breakdowns.
  • Modern Equipment: Leasing ensures your tenants have access to the latest energy-efficient laundry machines. This translates to attracting new renters and potentially lower utility bills for the property.

Leasing laundry machines is a strategic decision for apartment owners who want to:

  • Maximize return on investment.
  • Offer a sought-after amenity to attract and retain tenants.
  • Free up valuable time and resources to focus on core property management tasks.

At Lakeside Laundry, we understand the unique needs of apartment owners.  

We offer a variety of lease options to fit your budget and property size. Contact us today to learn more about how leasing laundry machines can benefit your business.

Bonus Tip: Leasing laundry machines is also a great solution for apartment owners who plan to sell their properties in the future. This way, you avoid the hassle of selling or disposing of used laundry equipment.


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