Top Laundry Customer Complaints

A goal of any laundry facility owner is to keep customers happy. If you are not achieving this, how will you know? Some customers will complain, posting negative reviews on social media or review sites. Others will not complain—they just won’t come back. Before you lose customers, make sure your laundry facility is not guilty of any of the following:

Out of order equipment. Not only does it cost you money when machines are out of order, but it sends a poor message to customers. You are inconveniencing them with limited machines available for use. Also, leaving broken equipment labeled “out of order” also signals that you do not care about timely maintenance of your machines or your laundry in general. Make sure that any out of order equipment is addressed as soon as possible. This can be alleviated when you have a responsive, efficient laundry equipment service partner.

Uninviting atmosphere. This is fairly straightforward: Customers would rather spend time in a space that is bright and clean, rather than dark and dingy. Also, if customers are greeted with broken laundry carts, limited spaces for folding, or old, dated seating, they will immediately associate these negatives with their first impression of your laundry. Having the highest quality commercial laundry equipment is not enough to keep customers—make sure you are creating an inviting atmosphere.

Poor customer service. Does your laundry operate without a service attendant? If you have an attendant on duty, this person can address customer concerns, answer questions, and help you to keep the facility clean. Consider the benefits of hiring an attendant.

To learn more about how to address customers’ top complaints about your laundry, contact the experienced team at Lakeside Laundry Equipment.

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