5 Ways Salon Laundry Equipment Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The salon and spa business is challenging, with demanding customers expecting the highest standards from every element of their visit. Taking control of salon and spa laundry needs is one way to meet those high standards while saving time and money.

Here are five reasons to work with a salon and spa laundry equipment specialist to enjoy the benefits of on-premise laundry:

1. Savings

Maytag®’s latest professional laundry equipment is exceptionally efficient, saving 60% or more on utility costs compared to prior generations of equipment. The latest washers are designed to work better than ever while using less water while the dryers have simple programming options that maximize efficacy and efficiency.

The high capacity of the machines means fewer loads and less time and money spent on linens. With no regular pickup and delivery schedule for linens (and the associated fees), you only wash what you need when you need it.

2. Price Certainty

Stop paying for laundry by the pound and worrying about billing surprises and surcharges. On-premise laundry provides clear costs.

3. Exceptional Results

Professional salon and spa laundry equipment is designed to handle the unique challenges and stains salons and spas generate. Professional laundry equipment powers through stains and residue from massage oils, creams and other treatments, leaving linens soft and pristine. Customers will notice and appreciate the difference.

4. Speed and Efficiency

You’ll never run out of essential linens or put your business on hold with on-site laundry, which allows you to stay ahead of your linen needs. A late or incorrect linen delivery could put your whole operation on hold, whereas affordable and easy-to-use on-premise laundry ensures you’re always prepared no matter how many customers you’re serving.

5. Expert Advice

A laundry partner will take time to understand your salon and spa equipment needs, then provide the right machines to meet your needs. They can also train your staff and provide advice on operating the machines for maximum efficacy. A proven salon and spa laundry equipment provider will take all the worry out of your laundry service, ensuring flawless installation and reliable service backed by powerful warranties.

Thousands of spas and salons have taken their laundry services in-house. It makes the whole business more productive and efficient and allows salon and spa owners to control a critical element of the customer experience.

To learn more about the options for on-premise laundry designed for the salon and spa industry, contact Lakeside Laundry.

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