Equipment Replacement: Understanding Laundromat Owner Attitudes, Approaches, and Motivators

washing-machines-laundromatWashers and dryers are the lifeblood of a laundromat business. The Coin Laundry Association (CLA) conducted a survey to discover laundromat owners’ attitudes, perceptions, and strategies with regard to the replacement of washers and dryers in their businesses. 

The CLA set out to identify the:

  • Main hurdles to timely equipment replacement
  • Accepted benefits and advantages of retooling a laundromat with new machines
  • Potential triggers to future equipment buying decisions

The goal of the project was to further educate the laundromat industry by sharing the best practices and prevailing factors related to the replacement of washers and dryers derived from the survey. This was done in an effort to move the industry forward and maintain the best possible service to laundromat customers.

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