Understanding the Customer’s Journey to Your Laundry’s Door

“Anyone who’s ever walked into your laundry has a story behind how they got there—and you’d do well to listen to them whenever you get the chance,” says Dennis Diaz in the latest issue of Planet Laundry from the Coin Laundry Association.

He continues: “Try stopping some of the customers in your store, and ask them how they found you… These stories are important because they can be broken down into tangible, useful bits of information that open doors of opportunity for your laundry business. The key here is a simple but crucial one: If you understand the mindset and journey of the people who have found you, you can align yourself so that more people find you in the future.”

As a laundry owner, you are always trying to drive more traffic into your laundry. It is important to remember that, as you search and look for ways to attract new customers, you should pay attention to the customers who are already in your laundry and choosing your business.

How did these customers find you? Were they simply a drop-in? Did they ask a friend or family member? Had they tried a local competitor and been unhappy with the service?

Simply taking the time to speak to your customers regularly can shed a light on what you are doing right, and how you can do even better to draw more, similar customers.

Read Dennis Diaz’s full article for further insights here.

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