Why Invest in Multi-Housing Laundry?

If you are the owner of a multi-housing or apartment complex, consider making a long-term investment in the property by installing an on-premise laundry facility. Multi-housing laundry facilities with commercial washers and dryers are ideal for apartments, as well as retirement homes, colleges, and military housing. There are many options available, from coin-operated to smart card laundry machines. Not only is a multi-housing laundry facility  a means of additional revenue, but it is an attractive amenity for your residents.

Why invest in a multi-housing laundry?

    • As we said, one of the central benefits of a common laundry facility is that it provides a convenient service for the residents of your housing complex. Assuming there are not washers and dryers installed in each unit, a common facility is an attractive alternative to having to take laundry to a local Laundromat, especially for families. A common, well-designed multi-housing laundry space can be a strong selling point to prospective residents choosing between your multi-housing community and another complex.


    • A common area for laundry is also an appealing aspect of a multi-housing community. A shared space can be a focal point of the housing complex and promote a sense of community among residents.


    • The cost of installing laundry equipment in each individual housing unit far exceeds the cost savings afforded by a shared laundry area. In-unit machines translates to increased time, labor and maintenance repairing and servicing each individual machine as needed.


  • Coin-operated or smart-card laundry machines offer an incremental cash stream. This provides an additional means of income that is not difficult to maintain and upkeep, especially when you work with a professional commercial laundry equipment provider like Lakeside Laundry Equipment.

Interested in making the investment in a multi-housing laundry facility? Contact Lakeside Laundry Equipment today for industry-leading customer service and a selection of top brands for your commercial laundry equipment.

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